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My Journey 

Our Story

Face Biology believes everyone deserves beautiful skin.

We believe that everyone should be able to have safe products to 

use to obtain beautiful, healthy, regenerative glowing skin. 

That also means nursing moms and pregnant women.

No one should have to worry

about what they are putting on their face.  We started this 

company with moms in mind. 

Everyone has a skincare journey. Here is mine; it all started 12 years ago when I became fascinated with skin health. I wanted to learn about the chemistry and biology behind ingredients used in making skincare products. During this time, my skin was going through some pretty dramatic changes; my skin was dry and painful. I tried every product on the market, and nothing seemed to help achieve my once beautiful glow. I knew there had to be better solutions for my skin, but I could not find the right combination of ingredients that would make a significant change, so I started to create my wild success formulations.

A few years ago, my skin started to change again; I was about to be a new mom. I went from that fabulous glowing skin from my formulations to looking like I hadn't slept in years. Becoming a mom was so shocking in so many different ways. I looked tired all the time, which affected my confidence. I wanted to feel some normalcy even though many things would not be the same. Through research and development to help myself, I found I have a passion for helping others with their skincare journey. To help others find skin health and confidence in themselves. I had two different periods in my life that my skin dramatically changed and not necessarily for the better. Still, with my eye cream and face cream formulated with the best naturally sourced ingredients from around the world, I could see the positive impact on my skin. I knew that if this was happening to me, it was happening to others. I devoted my time to improving skincare for all; I believe everyone deserves beautiful skin. ~ Dyana 

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