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White Parrot

- Misty

I love to try new face creams and under eye creams. I recently tried the Wide Awake Face Cream and under eye cream. I loved how smooth and silky they were. About a week in I noticed my skin looking more refreshed and brighter.The bags and circles under my eyes were looking more diminished. These are definite must haves.

Floral Arrangement 2

- Deonna

   I am the queen of trying out different skin care products!  I'm always on the hunt for the magic potion that will address the post-hormonal, aging skin issues that we womenget to deal with!   I have used the day and night creams, and instantly fell in love with the smell and texture. The subtle fragrance of both creams is soothing and au'natural.  The texture is silky and easily spread over my face. The products aren't greasy and leave no oily residue. My face looks so smooth and refreshed! I've also tried the eye cream, and experienced immediate results. My under eye skin was instantly less eyes looked so rested! I'm a believer of Wide Awake Eye Cream and Face Cream and am adding these products to my "must have" skin care regimen!

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